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Overview of The Peak Hill Open Cut Experience:

The Peak Hill is an old gold mine that operated from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. In total the mines produced 60,000 ounces of gold! It has been a long time since them mines operated so now The Peak Hill Mines provide a great hiking experience while enjoying the history of the mines and the surrounding nature. Stop by on your way down the Newell Highway and enjoy some great views. You might even see a kangaroo or a wallaby, we did!


Local Lodging:

  • Budget: Check out Pubs, RV Parks and campsites for the cheapest deals.
  • Splurge: Hotels or Motels will provide you with more privacy, but will cost you more.

Time and Cost:

  • Entrance: Free
  • Opening Hours: 9AM – 4PM
  • Time Needed: 20 Mins – 2 Hours
  • Trail Type: Round Trip

Equipment Needed:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks & Packed Lunch
  • Camera
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Rain Coat during the rainy season

Getting In:

The Peak Kill Open Cut Experience is a hike off the Newell Highway. Unless you are a local you will need a car, however it is worth a stop to get our of your car and stretch those legs! Coming from Dubbo make a left onto Mingelo Street and head strait to the car park. Don’t worry there are signs on the Newell Highway, so you can’t miss it!

While some may say the Newell highway is bland compared to the coast, we think it has a lot of charm. Its like going back in time and seeing how another part of Australia lives. So if your driving from Melbourne to Sydney or Melbourne to Brisbane its worth taking the Newell Highway and seeing all the sites on the way.


Trail Guide:

There are 4 trails that we will describe. The local town has put together a map which you can get HERE. All trails start and finish at the car park and are well marked.


Digger Trail

Distance: 1.4km
Time: 45-60 mins

Marked gold on the map, this trail is one of the more popular ones due to its views and time needed. Follow the trail to the left keeping the Proprietary Open Cut on your left hand side. As you continue onward you will have some amazing views of the town and the pits. As you continue upward you will reach the Parkers Open Cut. Take some pictures here before continuing on to the high wall lookout over The Great Eastern Open Cut.

After passing The Great Eastern Open Cut we will be heading down to the Crown Pit which we will pass on our left. From here its mostly downhill along the marked trial and finally passing the Bobby Burns Open Cut on our right and the 30 tonne boulder on our left. Wrap around Bobby Burns and follow the trail heading back towards the car park.


Dumper Trail

Distance: 2.3km
Time: 1.5 Hours

Marked blue on the map, this trail provides the best overall view of the pits. Its very well marked and considered the main trail. There are also a few benches on the way for resting and sightseeing. From the entrance follow the trail to the far left and putting the Proprietary Cut on your right hand side. Continue onwards passing the Proprietary Cut and you will soon pass the parkers cut on your right. Stop along the way to grab some amazing pictures of these two pits. As you continue on you will soon pass the Great Eastern Pit and will be heading back down towards the car park.

Optional Detour: Instead of heading down you can follow the drill trail, marked green on the map, for a relatively flat descent. It will add 30 mins to your journey though. If you are in a rush you should stick with the steeper Dumper Trail.

If you decided to stick with the the Dumper Trail follow the trail posts and keep the three pits you just passed on your right. Continue downwards until you reach the entrance and the car park.


Dynamite Trail

Distance: 1km
Time: 30 mins
Note: Unmarked on online map. Local map shows grey color.

Marked grey on the map, this trail provides the best option for those in a rush. It provides great lookouts of the old mines and allows you to get up on your feet. Starting from the entrance bear left and take a short climb up to the first viewing platform for the Proprietary Open Cut. After you will follow the signs to the bridge walk. Head over the bridge to the lookout for the Crown Open Cut. After a view pictures cross back over the bridge and follow the trial to the Bobby Burns pit. After passing the pit continue onwards back to the car park.


Dozer Trail

Distance: 1.6km
Time: 45-60 mins

Marked red on the map, this trail provides great views of the Bobby Burns and Crown Pits. Its a short walk and great for those who don’t want to work up a sweat. Starting from the entrance head to the right and follow the trail around the south side of the Bobby Burns pit. You will shortly pass a 30 tonne boulder of gold bearing ore. Looters be ware, there is only about 2oz of gold within the boulder. After passing the boulder climb up through the bush as you pass the Crown Pit on your left. You will soon reach two high wall lookouts which provide great views of the Crown Pit and the city of Peak Hill.

Once you have your pictures head past the picnic area and over the bridge walk. Continue heading downwards and the Bobby Burns pit will be on you left. You will reconnect to the trail you started on and will shortly be back in the car park.

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    Hiking Peak Hill Open Cut Gold Mine


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